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double-helix_330_228We welcome you to the Gene Therapy Review and would like to encourage you to contribute to our online resource. The site was founded in 2008 with a view to establishing the most comprehensive human genetics resource on the web, with content provided by the life sciences research community.

If you chose to contribute articles or blog entries to the Gene Therapy Review we will upgrate your account to AUTHOR status after registration, entitling you to edit your own content. Articles will also be published in our print edition, which is published each year and is edited by Dr M L Roberts who has more than 15 years experience developing various gene transfer vector systems

If you contribute more than ten articles or blog entries then you may apply for EDITOR status, allowing you to help maintain a section of the Gene Therapy Review. Successful applications depend on the quality of the articles submitted and your experience in the section of interest. For more information on sections please contact us.

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At present the Gene Therapy Review comprises the following features:

Gene Therapy News: All the breaking news in the gene therapy arena can be found in our news pages. You can read how the latest research will likely impact on the field in analysis. For those seeking employment in the sector, we have established a job bulletin board, where academics are invited to advertise for free.

Gene Therapy Research: We provide links to the home pages of all the academic research groups devoted to human genetics, gene therapy and stem cell research. In the companies section we detail the status of private sector DNA research. You can also follow their progress in our literature section where all the latest genetic engineering articles are listed

Gene Therapy Companies: We review the companies that are developing new gene transfer technologies and list the service providers that offer contract manufacturing or contract research to the field. Information on genetic disorders, cancer and infectious disease (current targets of gene therapy research) is also provided, with links to further reading on each topic.

Gene Transfer Vectors: Our gene vector pages to learn more about gene transfer into human cells. We describe all the current techniques used for gene delivery. Our technical pages also serve as a source for all commerical gene transfer vectors. These pages have links to plasmid maps, DNA sequences and manuals.

Gene Therapy Clinical Trials: Our clinical trial section contains a database containing all the published results from current and past clinical trials. For those considering enrolling in a clinical trial, a list of patient resources is also provided where we focus on genetic disorders, cancer and infectious disease. The regulatory pages provide links to the interational bodies that control clinical trial research.

Gene Therapy Literature: Our literature section contains analysis of the latest articles published in the leading gene therapy journals. You can also search pubmed from this section. Activities of the various gene therapy societies are listed and we provide a calender of all the annual international scientific congresses focussing on human genetics.

We hope you find our site useful and encourage you to leave comments as to how we can improve.

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