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Trends in Molecular Medicine

Trends in Molecular Medicineincludes review articles on the genetic basis of disease, but 'molecular' does not only mean DNA. The diagnostic role of genetic processes is clear, but major benefits in health and disease are also provided by other molecules: enzymes, antibiotics, hormones, metals, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, synthetic organic and inorganic polymers.

Trends in Molecular Medicine

Trends in Molecular Medicine is a leading biomedical review journal, providing reviews and comment on the latest breakthroughs in basic and translational research. This includes basic research aimed at understanding disease mechanisms, as well as translational research utilizing this information to develop new and improved molecular-targeted approaches for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Molecular intervention also raises ethical, legal and financial issues. The journal’s objective is to provide a platform for discussion, analysis and debate of these topics across a diverse, multidisciplinary audience of basic scientists and clinicians, who share the common goal of understanding the molecular basis of disease with a view to new clinical practice. Communication of the emerging concepts and ideas will facilitate progress in this exciting and rapidly evolving new field of molecular medicine.

Reviews and Opinion articles form the foundation of each monthly issue. Reviews objectively chronicle recent and important developments. All articles are commissioned from leading scientists and then subjected to stringent peer-review, ensuring balance and accuracy. Opinion articles provide a forum for debate and hypothesis on emerging research trends and methods. The Trends in Molecular Medicine Update section provides a forum for correspondence, book reviews, and essays. Letters may address topics raised in recent issues of the journal, or other matters of general interest to the field. Book Reviews are concise opinion articles on the value of the book, its focus, and its breadth given the current state of the subject. Finally, Science & Society articles are intended to provide a forum for discussion of events, results, and advancements that will have or are having significant impact on scientific policy or science as a whole. For more information on our format please see our information for authors or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Authors should note that all articles are peer reviewed and publication cannot be guaranteed.

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